Bahá'í Epistolary

Friday, 1 June 2007


Dear all,

Just to apologise to the people that so kindly left comments before, and also to the subscribers to my feed, for the trouble I had with the site. As early visitors can tell, I've had to revamp and redo the whole thing, and until a few minutes ago the feed was not working! Well, I think and hope it is now... There's a saying in Spanish: "echando a perder se aprende." You learn by messing up. So, do comment again, and, unless the evil djinn of cyberspace conspire against me, your comment will stay! And keep subcribing, and, unless the plotting Iblis gets the best of me, you will get this, and any future updates to my blog!

With love, as ever,


1 comment:

Phillipe Copeland said...

Plotting Iblis? Now that is something that you don't hear every day. Your blogging is magnificent and sorry for the technical difficulties.